Construction logistics

Almroths Express has extensive experience within logistics. For us, logistics begins on the drawing board long before construction starts, where we plan the most optimal solutions.


The right material

Almroths only transports and brings in the material needed at the construction site at that time. A transport is loaded with materials from several suppliers.

The right place

Almroths delivers the material to the designated location.

The right quantity

Almroths only transports and brings in the quantity of material needed for production.

The right time

Almroths is responsible for ensuring that the material is on site and arrives at the designated times. Construction should be able to continue uninterrupted – we also offer our services during times when the site is closed.

Intermediate storage at Almroths

“Many construction sites today have inadequate storage space which means tougher conditions for achieving an efficient work flow – the workplace becomes congested and the same material often has to be moved several times to create temporary work areas. Intermediate storage at Almroths Express creates better working conditions with increased logistical capacity.”

Inspection on arrival

Discover damages during transport and incorrect deliveries


  • Damage prevention
  • Monitoring


No impact on material due to weather conditions

Warehouse Management System

  • See incomings, outgoings and inventory
  • Reserve material

Waste disposal

In connection with our deliveries to the construction site, we also offer waste disposal, which means that leftover building materials and waste are removed from the workplace.

Want to know more about Almroths’ construction logistics?

Klas Erikson

Transport Manager

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