Information for suppliers

This page contains important information for suppliers to Almroths.

Rules for supplier invoices

We have a new scanning partner for our supplier invoices. We aim to replace as many of today’s paper invoices as possible with e-invoices and therefore require that invoices from you are in the format and order presented below.


For those of you who are already able to send electronic invoices, please contact the VAN operator you are engaging and ask them to structure it as follows: GLN: 7365560920186 VAN operator: Inexchange C.I.N.: 556092-0182 VAT reg. no.: SE556092018201 Questions are sent to

PDF invoice by mail

Send to

Note! Only one invoice per PDF file.

Paper invoice to address

Almroths Express & Åkeri AB
Box 141 60103 NORRKÖPING

Procedures for suppliers

As our supplier, we ask you to follow the procedures below.

Reference on all invoices

In order to process your invoices, the reference (name of the ordering party) must always be included in the invoice header. It should be listed under “Your reference”, so that the ordering party can approve the invoice for payment.

Terms of payment

We apply and accept 30-day payment terms, unless otherwise agreed.

Other terms

Invoicing fee, handling fee and other similar fees are not accepted. Interest on late payment is only accepted according to the Interest Act, i.e. + 8%.

Do you have any questions?

Patrik Svensson


+46 (0)70 – 888 04 85

Mari Svensson Lindgren

Payroll administrator

+46 (0)11 – 473 58 01

Håkan Jerhammar


Wictoria Hagström

Accountant assistant

+46 (0)11 – 36 80 77