E-commerce logistics

If you hire Almroths, you will have more time and energy to develop your core operation – your online store. 

Working with Almroths will lead to savings for your business. Your fixed costs become variable, follow seasonal variation and growth and you avoid investments outside the core operations.


Benefits of Almroths as a partner

  • You do not need your own storage (your goods are stored with us)
  • We take care of order reception, pickup and packing
  • We offer advantageous transport contracts and fast deliveries
  • Integrations with many different E-services and business systems
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Our storage system (WMS) is easy to integrate with both E-services and business systems. You are also assigned a login to our web-based storage system to ensure that the information you are looking for is always available.

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When it comes to product storage, we are always very flexible and use the solution that optimizes both storage and the efficiency of storage pickup. We use, among other things, pallet racks with traditional beams and flow racks, shelves that are either permanently installed or standing on wheels, as well as lift machines.

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Storage pickup of your products is adapted to both product types and pickup frequencies. Currently we use everything from put-to-light systems to pickup trucks and towing trucks, but also hand-held carts. All to maximize pickup speed and minimize storage rents.

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Packing machines

We are always looking for new, efficient solutions available on the market in order to make the handling of products faster and to shorten the customer’s waiting time. We currently use regular packing tables, but also most cardboard folders and sealers, as well as large and small packing machines.

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We are very proud that we can, with the help of our in-house staff, handle delivery and returns according to your requirements and ensuring high pickup safety. In order to maintain trust and for you to always be able to contact us, all customers are assigned a supervisor who can be reached via e-mail or phone.

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Daily pickups by PostNord, Schenker, DHL and UPS. PostNord and Schenker have pickups several times a day in order for orders to be delivered to your customers as soon as possible. You as a client can use your own transport agreements or become part of ours.

Want to know more about E-commerce logistics?

Emil Swenson

Head of Logistics e-Commerce

+46 (0)11 – 36 80 76

Joakim Frykholm

Project Manager

+46 (0) 11-474 10 58

Robert Hägerström

Logistic planner

+46 (0)11 – 473 22 95